Truth to earn

Gamified fact-checking for the people

Talk is no longer cheap. Put your tokens where your mouth is and go head-to-head with the trolls. Or are you the troll? You win when you can back up your claims with evidence.

Photo of a person holding a sign that says "In the age of information, ignorance is a choice"

How it works

Make a claim

Anyone can make a claim, but the community surfaces the most relevant by staking.

Submit evidence

Factland uniquely enables crowdsourced evidence gathering and collaboration.

Randomized jury decides

A provably random selection of jurors from the community avoids any real or perceived bias.

Winners earn FACT

If the jury agrees with you, you get FACT. If they don’t, you lose yours to the winners


The truth will be decentralized

On Factland, there‘s no black box. All research and fact-checking happens permisionlessly and in the open. The community reaches consensus through adversarial tokenomics that keep everyone honest.

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A busy street with a sign hanging that says "The earth is flat"

Get involved

We’re committed to doing things right and building slow.

Something as important as Factland would likely be ruined by short-termism and VC expectations.

Come join the movement and help push us forward in whatever way you can.


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