Factland Recieves New Grant, Preps Token Launch

Factland, a novel Web3 decentralized fact checking platform, has received a new $50K grant from Dfinity and is prepping its token launch.

Factland Recieves New Grant, Preps Token Launch

It's Factland here once again, your friendly neighborhood Spider Gang dedicated to busting myths and misinfo with the power of Web3 community and blockchain. Thanks for coming along on our journey, we've got some radioactive updates to share.

First, we applied for and were approved for a second Dfinity developer grant worth up to $50,000 if we deliver our roadmap on schedule. We just completed our first milestones and received the initial payout, so we are feeling flush.

We're using the proceeds to pay our mostly volunteer crew - big thanks to Julie Sigwart who has stepped up our social media presence and brings a wealth of Web3 experience with her from LBRY.

We are also engaging Raid Guild to consult with us on the design and UX, and working out some legal niceties related to our next big push: launching a Factland token. Yes, we are upgrading the beta fantasy "points" currently given for staking, submitting evidence and serving on juries and making them real. This will also set us up for creating a governance token and transitioning to a true DAO.

Let's stop here and let it all sink in. After a couple of years sandboxing and experimenting, this shit's about to get real.

These are truly awesome developments, and it's all thanks to you and your continued belief in the project. If you haven't been on the dApp for a while check it out, we have a new, slicker UX and more community engagement than ever. Activity on Factland has been growing, with a steady beat of new claims and verdicts, based on better and more complete evidence, giving us confidence in our unique approach to the problem of misinformation.

Read on for a sample of open and recently decided claims. The range and quality may surprise you.

Help us find evidence to support or refute these claims

➡️ Nuclear wastewater from the Fukushima reactor released by Japan threatens fish and human health

➡️ CIA paid off analysts to say COVID didn't originate in the Wuhan lab

➡️ Pharmaceutical Companies Do Not Make Outrageous Profits from High Drug Prices

➡️ No monkey has died as a result of a Neuralink implant

➡️ Cruise robotaxi delayed San Francisco ambulance in fatal crash incident

Recent decisions on Factland

🔴 FALSE: There is no link between social media and depression in children

🔴 FALSE: Crypto/NFT Twitter (X) is dead

UNDECIDED: Sun Bears in Hangzhou Zoo in China Are Actually People Dressed in Costumes

UNDECIDED: Universal Pictures trimmed trees to deny shade to striking writers on the picket line

🟢 TRUE: Over-thinking is one of the top causes of depression

Thanks for reading and see you on Factland!

Factland is a token-based platform that incentivizes fact-finding, critical reasoning, and emergent truth. Read our white paper to learn more, and get involved by creating an account and joining our Discord server.